Anonymous whispered: Do y'all only have white porn ? Is that the only thing you think is pretty?

Of course not. I can only gif scenes from working HD downloads I can find - from a place I trust, which leaves me with using scenes from about four or five different studio, which are, unfortunately very white. I’ve asked followers to link/recommend me sites and scenes that use more poc actors so I can try to find downloads for them, as well as porn blogs on here that post more, but I never got any replies. I’m no porn expert that knows all the best sites, nor do I follow a lot of blogs on here. This is merely a sideblog that I’ll gif for when I get the time and I’ll load up the queue for after going through a few recent pages on a couple blogs. If you have any recs, please do give them to me. 

And as a sidenote, the ‘pretty’ in my url is about the quality, of the gifs as well as the scenes I use, not necessarily what actors or even positions I find pretty/attractive. I just thought a lot of porn gifs I saw were really choppy or didn’t have any pretty coloring on them, and I just thought I’d make some gifsets similar to ones people make of TV shows. And I try to reblog the best quality gifs that I can find to keep the theme, which also limits my choices. But again, please do hook me up with some site names or blogs and I’d be more than happy to gif or reblog from there.

Anonymous whispered: OMG! Your blog is truly amazing. And your GIFs are impressively beautiful. <3

Thank you. I really wish I had more time and motivation to keep it constantly updated, but I just don’t have the time to make gifs right now. Hopefully I’ll be back soon :)